Taco Seasoning

dairy + gluten free

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Making taco seasoning is easy and inexpensive! Control how much salt and heat you want with this simple recipe.

Chili powder Ground cumin seed Paprika Garlic powder Dried oregano Salt Black pepper

Recipe Ingredients

1. Measure Spices    into Jar 2. Shake and Serve

How to Make It

Measure Spices into Jar

Step 1:

Select a jar that makes it easy to prepare and store your taco seasoning into. Add all spices to this jar.

Shake and Serve

Step 2:

Secure a lid on your jar and shake for 10 seconds to ensure everything is well combined.

This recipe contains a balanced amount of salt and chili powder. Depending on your preferences you may want more or less of each.

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Taco Seasoning

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Enjoy this recipe!

Taco Seasoning

dairy + gluten free