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Tabbouleh Salad

Tasty and Nutritious

Tabbouleh is a super delicious, refreshing dish.  With whole grains and fresh herbs, this salad can be made quite nutritionally balanced!

Easy Plant-based Recipe

Tabbouleh is primarily made with parsley and bulgur with other vegetables. Flavor with olive oil and lemon juice to make the salad’s “dressing”.

Lemon juice + zest

Recipe Ingredients




Green onion



Olive oil

Salt + pepper

1. Cook Bulgur 2. Prep Other Ingredients 3. Mix Salad 4. Serve Tabbouleh

How to Make It

Cook Bulgur

Cook bulgur using package directions, then refrigerate it until ready to mix salad. Fully cooled bulgur is best to mix into your tabbouleh.

Wash and chop parsley, tomato, cucumber and green onion. Mince garlic, then zest and juice a lemon. Add all to a mixing bowl.

Prep Other Ingredients

Toss to combine all of the ingredients you prepared.  Add more if needed to get the right mix of colors and flavors.

Mix Salad

If you fully cooled the bulgur before mixing, you could serve right away. If not, refrigerate the salad and serve when it’s cold.

Serve Tabbouleh

Refrigerate tabbouleh in an airtight container for up to 5 days (best within 2-3 days).

How to Store Leftovers

To make this salad into a balanced meal, serve with falafel or try adding:

Recipe Variations

Cooked lentils Chickpeas Tahini sauce

Enjoy this recipe!

Tabbouleh Salad