Parmesan Cheese

Dairy Free

3 Ingredient

Homemade Parmesan

With just three ingredients, this dairy free parmesan "cheese" is incredibly quick and easy to make.

Dairy Free Cheese Topping

Made primarily with nuts and/ or seeds, it's meant to replicate finely ground parmesan.  Perfect for sprinkling!

Cashews Nutritional yeast Salt

Recipe Ingredients

1. Blend Ingredients 2. Serve over Your    Favorite Meals!

How to Make It

Blend Ingredients

Step 1:

Add ingredients to a food processor and pulse until the cashews are finely ground.  Scrape bottom and around the blade between pulses.

Serve on Tasty Meals

Step 2:

This crumbly mixture is ready to sprinkle on anything you like! Keep going for 3 of my favorite ways to use this recipe.

Refrigerate for up to 6 weeks. Storing in an airtight jar will keep freshness longer.

How to Store Leftovers

Parmesan Cheese

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Enjoy this recipe!

Parmesan Cheese

Dairy Free

3 Ingredient