Easy Blueberry Mocktails

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Blueberry Mojito Flavor

These beautiful drinks are delicious any time of year. Make with fresh or frozen blueberries, mint and lime for a classic treat!

Great Mocktail Secret

The best mocktails replace alcohol with coconut water! This sweet and refreshing ingredient is far superior to only using soda or tonic.

Lime juice (fresh) Mint leaves (fresh) Blueberries Pink lemonade concentrate Coconut water Soda Ice

Recipe Ingredients

1.  Muddle Ingredients 2.  Add Ice and Fill Glass 3.  Garnish and Serve

How to Make It

Muddle Ingredients

Add lime juice, blueberries, mint and pink lemonade concentrate into a glass.

Muddle Ingredients

Crush the blueberries and gently muddle mint leaves by pressing lightly.

Add Ice and Fill Glass

Add ice and coconut water. Top with club soda (or soda of your choice).

Garnish and Serve

For a beautiful presentation, serve with additional lime, blueberries, or fresh mint on the rim of your glass.

Enjoy this recipe!

Easy Blueberry Mocktails