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Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Versatile Salsa Recipe

This salsa is packed with flavor and fresh ingredients. It’s great to pair with Mexican-inspired meals, with tortilla chips, or simply eat as-is.

Fun and Easy to Make

All the tasty ingredients come together quickly and can be customized to your tastes. Get creative and enjoy! 

Black beans Corn Tomato Onion Cilantro Garlic Cooking oil Lime juice Sugar Salt

Recipe Ingredients

1. Prepare Ingredients 2. Mix Ingredients 3. Serve Salsa

How to Make It

Prepare Ingredients

Drain and rinse a can of black beans. Cook corn. Finely chop or mince the remaining fresh ingredients, then add to a mixing bowl.

Stir to combine all of the ingredients together.  Ensure everything is incorporated well.

Mix Ingredients

You can serve right away, but the flavors will taste even better if refrigerated for 20-30 minutes!

Serve Salsa

Refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container for up to 5 days (best within 2-3 days).

How to Store Leftovers

Make this recipe your own! If you like the taste, try adding:

Recipe Variations

Mango Pineapple Peaches Bell pepper Feta cheese Avocado Jalapeno peppers Chickpeas Cucumber Cumin Coriander seed Chili powder

Enjoy this recipe!

Black Bean and Corn Salsa