Creamy Avocado Sauce + Dressing

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Add to Your Favorite Meal

There are endless ways to use this tasty, creamy recipe. Try as a pizza sauce, salad dressing, sandwich spread or dip!

Eggless + Dairy Free

Most avocado sauce recipes contain eggs or dairy. This recipe simply uses avocado which is creamy and delicious on its own!

Avocado Lime juice Cilantro Garlic Salt Black pepper Onion powder jalapeno pepper Water

Recipe Ingredients

1. Add Ingredients 2. Blend to Smooth 3. Taste and Adjust

How to Make It

Add Ingredients

Scoop avocados, then add all remaining ingredients to a blender or food processor.  Add water to help blending.

Blend to Smooth

Blend the sauce until it’s super smooth and creamy.  Scrape blender edges as you go to make sure everything’s incorporated.

Taste and Adjust

Taste the sauce before you serve! You may want to add more of an ingredient. Blend in any extras and taste again before serving!

Anytime you use avocado, it's best to eat the whole recipe the day you make it. If kept in an airtight container, it'll stay fresh for one full day. 

How to Store Leftovers

This sauce is excellent when used to create:

How to Serve this Sauce

Pizza - Pasta - Salad Tacos - Quesadillas

Enjoy this recipe!

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Creamy Avocado Sauce + Dressing